Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of Toyshost Services (The Policy)


Toyshost Services
means the services hosted on the following servers, as well as the servers:
is a transport layer virtual circuit established between two application programs for the purpose of communication.
means having any type of connections to any ports of any Toyshost Services servers; and Accessing shall be construed accordingly.
Web accesses
mean accessing the TCP port 80 or 443 of any Toyshost Services servers.
External web pages
mean websites other than Toyshost Services.
mean all data sent via the "Set-Cookie" (from servers) and "Cookie" (from clients) HTTP header, as well as the piece of data saved onto the client's computer to allow further sending (via the "Cookie" HTTP header), as defined in RFC 2109, RFC 2965, and/or RFC 6265.


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Toyshost Services are operated by:

Cato Yiu

I am not responsible for the contents of linked external web pages. Contact me if you find any external links pointing to malware or spam websites.

Privacy Policy


For any type of access, we have the right to (and also the right to not to) collect the following personal information:

Note that there might be additional information to collect; refer to their privacy policy.

Web accesses

For web accesses, Toyshost Services will collect the following personal information:

We collect these information to:

Some other information, if any, may be collected by different services. The full list of information collected and the purpose of collection will be provided by the services.

Web Analytics Tracker

We are aware about your privacy, so we don't use third-party services like Google Analytic. Instead, we use a self-hosted Analyzer, hosted on It will collect:

All IPs are anonymized, by removing the last octet.

You can simply block all connections to to stop the tracker.


All traffics going to are routed via Cloudflare. By using any Toyshost Services hosted on, you agree to the Cloudflare Privacy Policy as well as ours.

Further planned changes of The Policy

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